Who benefits from visitability?

Visitability benefits everyone!

  • The young mother with a baby in a stroller, who doesn’t have to hump it up and down steps when she visits her friends
  • The UPS driver who brings your new cabinets and leaves them on your front porch
  • The homeowner trying to get the new cabinets into the house from the front porch
  • Grandma who wants to visit the grandkids but knows she won’t be able to use the bathroom when she visits
  • The college kid moving out with all his boxes and belongings

Everyone benefits in a home that has:

  • one “no-step” entrance into the main floor of the home
  • wider doors and hallways
  • one wheelchair-accessible bathroom on the main floor

A house is visitable when it meets three basic requirements:

  • one zero-step entrance.
  • doors with 32 inches of clear passage space.
  • one bathroom on the main floor you can get into in a wheelchair