Analysis and Reports



Informative Handouts

You can use the handout below to educate others as you visit legislators, builders, home shows, housing conferences, etc. You may include it in emails, mailing, hand out at meetings, or hang it on message boards.

If you wish, reformat the documents any way you find attractive. And, feel free to add your own name and contact information if you want to organize for visitability in your locale. (Please do not remove, change or add to any of the content without written permission from Concrete Change.)

Books and Other

  • Libby and the Cape of Visitability: Three children (one a wheelchair user) convince a builder to build all his new homes accessible. Excellent gift for a child, parent, educator, or builder. Available as a paperback or an e-book from
  • Extensive, illustrated Visitability booklet (PDF) written by the IDEA Center